Tax Break Remains Unchanged

Tax Break Remains Unchanged
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The promoter of the most popular loan note featured on SIPPclub has some fantastic tax break news to report

The Tax Break Is Secure Until 2019

Five Years Of Reassurance

The most popular loan opportunity is the one featured by Dolphin Capital GmbH.

Following the renegotiation of the country’s budget at the end of last year, it has just been formally announced that no changes will be made to the tax break at the heart of this opportunity.  The tax break in question is available to high rate tax payers who purchase apartments in listed buildings that have been renovated in accordance with government standards.

Any changes in taxation announced by the German government at the end of 2013 take effect in January 2014.  In its recent publication, the tax office makes no reference to any change to the specific tax break from which German citizens benefit in relation to listed buildings. 

This tax break has been in force for a number years.  During this period, it’s enabled Germany to restore a vast number of its war-damaged properties with foreign investment money.  It’s this tax break that's key to the continuing programme of restoration of a huge number of dilapidated buildings across Germany.

The Budget Plan Is Secure For The Next Five Years

Unlike the situation in Britain, the government in Germany works to a five year budget plan.  The fact that the tax break will remain unchanged for the next five years gives investors a great deal of reassurance.  It’s particularly comforting for the majority of SIPPclub members who have taken advantage of the five year option, to compound their interest.

Speaking about the continuation of this tax break, the CEO of Dolphin Capital GbmH, Charles Smethurst said:

"This will offer confidence and reassurance to Dolphin Capital GmbH investors and introducers. Dolphin Capital GmbH has developed a very successful model which allows international investors be part of a wonderful project without the commitment of owning a property in the finish. There is a clear exit strategy that is underpinned by this tax break and confirmation that the government are securing this concession for at least another 5 years, is greatly welcomed."

Dolphin Restores An Old German Brewery

tax break
Work has now started on the former brewery in Ingolstadt, which closed its doors in 2007. 

The building dates back to the 16th century, when the brewery first started making legendary German beer.  In those days, it was known as 'Schäffbräu Brewery'.

As time passed, many of the original buildings were replaced, with the majority of those currently standing on the site dating back to 1900. 

On the site currently sits a brewhouse, a cold store, an engine room and boiler house.  These buildings will be renovated to include 18 high specification apartments and large loft conversions.

How The Loan Note Works

Full details of the Dolphin Capital GmbH loan note can be found in the Invest area of SIPPclub.


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