Treating Customers Fairly

SIPPclub has a strong customer focus: our customers are members of SIPPclub and they are our most valuable asset

Our aim is to ensure our customers receive a user-friendly, robust, reliable and great value service

As a part of our overall strategy, we're fully committed to treating our customers fairly.  As such we endeavour to meet their expectations of high quality service in the following ways:

  • Given the nature of the opportunities we feature, we work hard to ensure that product and risk information of all the opportunities we present to members is clear and prominent at all times.
  • We make it very clear at every stage of the process that each member should seek independent professional and financial advice from their existing contacts prior to making an investment.  Where they don't have such contacts, we offer them an introduction to relevant firms we have checked and which we are satisfied will provide the appropriate level of care and diligence.  This ensures our members have the chance to be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of any opportunity in which they may be interested, prior to making an investment.
  • We continually aim to understand the needs of our customers, to keep them fully informed in a clear and fair manner that is unambiguous and not misleading. We endeavour to ensure they understand and are reminded of the risks associated with the products we promote.
  • We provide valuable information and education to help our customers understand more fully their requirements. This includes introducing them to relevant organisations and individuals to increase their knowledge and expertise. We strive to provide an uninterrupted service that's available, where possible, outside of normal working hours.
  • We respond in a timely manner to our customers’ and prospective customers’ questions and queries and promptly address any issues or concerns. All customer complaints are dealt with and escalated as appropriate and as required by us in order to meet our obligations to them.
  • We aim to provide customers with a 'fair deal' in terms of the products we promote: a wide range of interesting lending and investment opportunities; relevant education of a high quality; excellent customer service.

We appreciate treating customers fairly and customer service is about more than just being polite. It means having: highly competent and well trained staff; appropriately targeted marketing; fair margining; practices that are fair and reliable; accurate and clear information.

All individuals in SIPPclub are united by a single commitment to provide customers with an outstanding level of service. The fair treatment of customers is fundamental to our corporate culture. Honesty and transparency are two of our key values. Correspondence with customers is always clear and fair, and never misleading. We understand the products we promote and how they are best suited to our customers.

We have key 'treating customers fairly' performance indicators based on the Financial Conduct Authority's 'treating customers fairly' principles.

We welcome feedback from our customers, and if they ever feel that we have not lived up to our own high standards they are encouraged to let us know, either via our customer support contact points or by formal complaint to our compliance department:

Brian Bennis
Compliance Department
SIPPclub Limited
Westons Place
West Sussex
RH12 3QQ

Phone: 0845 056 8734
Email: help

Last Updated: 4 December 2012

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