Discover How Harvey's Pension Grew Seed Mentors

Discover How Harvey’s Pension Grew Seed Mentors

We're delighted to present an article about Harvey Shulman who saw the opportunity of using his own pension to grow his business. Harvey is the Managing Director of Seed Mentors, one of the leading independent investment specialists in identifying and mentoring start-up and smaller businesses in the UK. It also provides tax efficient opportunities to private investors.

Seed Mentors typically supports business managers and entrepreneurs by providing initial access to capital of £100,000 to £200,000, with the ability to provide access to further follow-on investment.

Through its mentoring services which includes help in accessing investment funds, Seed Mentors firmly believes that it’s able to help companies through the difficult early stages and successfully achieve high growth through to later stages of development.

Harvey Shulman, MD, Seed Mentors

Harvey Used His Own Pension To Help Fund Seed Mentors, A Company That’s Now Helping Private Investors Support Budding Entrepreneurs

Harvey Shulman has some 30 years experience as a Solicitor in private practice. He has a Master’s Degree in Law and specialised in commercial and property work. He’s a Director of several companies, providing him with a good commercial knowledge that’s beneficial in advising clients. He’s written articles for publication on tax efficient investment in business.

Just three years ago, Harvey’s experience led him to spot a gap in the market. A service to support business managers and entrepreneurs by providing access to capital of between £100,000 to £200,000. In addition, invaluable on-going mentoring is available to ensure the businesses thrive and prosper. He called it Seed Mentors, but first, it needed investment of its own.

Just Over £300,000 Was Invested Into Seed Mentors From Harvey’s Pension

Harvey didn't want to borrow from a third party.  He had substantial pension funds and wanted to access that money to fund Seed Mentors, which in turn would benefit his own pension.

A loanback of £172,000 from Harvey’s small self-administered scheme was arranged against a general debenture. A further leaseback of £132,000 came from the Intellectual Property of Harvey’s company brand, domain name and database.

Not only did Harvey’s pension provide Seed Mentors with the money it required, it also enabled Harvey to be in control of the whole arrangement, avoiding the involvement of external organisations like banks or finance houses. 

Seed Mentors Has Gone From Strength To Strength

With sufficient capital at the outset with Harvey’s pension money, Seed Mentors now provides private investors and financial advisers with tax-efficient investment opportunities, often through the Government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Seed Mentors has become one of the leading independent investment specialists in identifying and mentoring start-up and smaller businesses in the UK, helping companies through the difficult early stages.

Some thirty UK companies have benefited from investment of between £100,000 to £250,000 since 2013.  Seed Mentors has helped set up four SEIS funds including two general funds, and the Dragon Seed Advantage SEIS Fund to support start-up businesses in Wales. The key being that investors can receive their tax relief as soon as possible as the funding is invested quickly. It has also supported a Sharia based fund based on Islamic Finance.

The business gap Harvey spotted has continued to develop and now includes a network of overseas investors looking for opportunities.

A Revolving Facility That Benefits Harvey’s Pension And His Company

Since the pension funding was put in place, not only has this helped Harvey’s company to grow, his pension has also grown, for Seed Mentors returns interest to his pension in lieu of the investment it made. And because his pension has increased in value, Harvey has been able to continue to access funds from his pension to invest in the future of Seed Mentors.

Listen To Harvey Talking About SEIS

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