Unlock The Best Pension With The Retirement Programme

Unlock The Best Pension With The Retirement Programme
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Whether you’re planning your retirement, approaching retirement or you’re retired, chances are you’ll learn something new when you download this excellent Retirement Programme

The Retirement Programme Has Many Valuable Contributions From Financial Journalists And Investment Experts

The Retirement Programme Is A Must-Read For Everyone

Wherever you are along life’s journey, the Retirement Programme from Trustnet Direct contains some outstanding information and tools to help you get on the retirement savings ladder, build a pension pot and manage it up to the point you stop working, and beyond.

According to Trustnet Direct, the state pension provides a subsistence income and no more. It’s now up to you to understand how much money you’ll need in retirement and for how long. The Retirement Programme includes planners, a detailed guide and other resources to help you plan for a successful retirement, assistance to help you make the right choices at retirement and ideas for you in retirement.

retirement programme

The Retirement Programme is covered in detail on Trustnet Direct.  It’s comprises an excellent 68 page guide that you can read online by clicking the blue button below or by clicking the image below.

Retirement Programme

The Areas Covered In The Retirement Programme

Without doubt, the Retirement Programme a comprehensive piece of work, as you can see from the subjects that it covers.

Planning For Retirement

retirement programme
Fraud: A Word Of Caution
Why Are Pensions Suddenly Interesting?
Living Longer
Reduction In Support From Government And Employers
Pressure To Make Your Own Provision
Low Interest Rates
Why Invest Rather Than Save?
A Look At History
“Compounding: The 8th Wonder Of The World” - Albert Einstein
Why Risk Can Be Your Friend
Volatility Explained
Types Of Pensions
Defined Benefit / Final Salary Pensions
Defined Contribution / Company Pensions
Auto-Enrolment And Workplace Pensions
Stakeholder Pensions
Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)
The State Pension
Aggregating Your Existing Pensions
Limits To Your Pension
What To Do Sections: 20s & 30s, 40s, 50s And 60s
Your Retirement Plan
Target Date Funds
Online Tools To Assist You

Approaching Retirement

What Happens At Age 55?
Taking Your 25 Per Cent Tax-Free Lump Sum
Choosing Your Retirement Date
When Can You Afford To Retire?
Lifestyles In Retirement
How To Retire With An Income Of £1,000 Per Month
How To Retire With An Income Of £2,000 Per Month
How To Retire With An Income Of £5,000 Per Month
Ensuring You Get The Most From Your State Pension
Your Choices At Retirement
Capped Drawdown
Flexi-Access Drawdown
Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS)
Hybrid Plans
Tax Considerations
Investment Strategies At Retirement

During And Post Retirement

The State Pension
Getting Hold Of Your Money
Decumulation Strategies
Tax On Your Income
Generating An Income
When Will You Run Out Of Money?
Self-Management Of Your Portfolio And Risk
Sequencing Risk
Suitable Investment Strategies And Products
Investment Costs
What Happens When I Die?
Leaving A Legacy

Trustnet Direct was launched in 2014 by the Financial Express Group, owners of Trustnet, to help private investors plan, select, transact and manage their own investment affairs. Financial Express specialises in the collection, validation and distribution of fund and equity prices, as well as factsheet information, and is the main supplier of data to the UK financial sector. 

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