Lend And Borrow: The Perfect Match

Lend And Borrow: The Perfect Match
Fiji by Julian Cohen. Why?

As banks continue their reluctance to lend, SIPP holders are stepping in to secure high interest, helping businesses to expand with a new-found source of finance

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I Recently Attended A Property Meeting

One of the things I was interested to discover was who actually goes to these meetings.  Is it property developers?  Or is it property investors? 

I didn’t have to wait long for my answer.

The first speaker opened with two statements.

He said: “If you’re a property developer with a project you can’t start because you need some money, put your hand up.” Roughly half the people in the room raised an arm.

He followed this with: “If you have money on which you’d like to make a good return by investing in property, put your hand up.” To my surprise, the other half of the people in the room raised an arm.

He said it happens at every meeting he attends.  And he made the point that during the break, a lot of new business would get started if we speak with those people whose arms were down when ours were up.  And visa versa.

It's All Due To The Power Of Networking

In any group of like-minded people, there’s often a perfect synergy.  All you need to do is put your hand up and let other people in your network know what you’re looking for. 

It happens all the time in SIPPclub.

People with money in their SIPPs looking to lend it in return for a good interest rate.  Matched to individuals and businesses wanting to borrow money.  Perhaps to expand their property portfolio.  Or to take their business to the next level.

How to lend and borrow from a SIPP is explained on our Lend page.

Whilst SIPPclub might be able to make some useful introductions for you, there’s a much more efficient, effective and easier way to achieve this. 

Within your own networks, there will be people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.  Modern technology makes it possible to identify them at the ‘click of a mouse’.  That's because you’re part of networks all over the place. Consider these:

  • Your business phone and email contacts
  • Your personal mobile phone and email contacts
  • Your social media networks, liked LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

The Most Relevant Social Media Network

It's likely to be the business-focused network - LinkedIn

Whether you're looking to lend or borrow, LinkedIn could help. It automatically calculates how many people are connected to you, both directly and through people who know people you know.  And if you join relevant interest groups, you could literally be a click away from millions of like-minded contacts.

It’s simple.  Send them a message from within LinkedIn. 

Like many things in life, it feels lovely to give.

There’s a fantastic example of giving in the video below from James Altucher

Choose Yourself: What James Altucher Can Teach You About Starting A Business

James Altucher is a hedge fund manager, serial entrepreneur and author.  He reveals how, by giving ideas away, he created a business from nothing that he sold four months later for $10 million. 

It’s a long, amusing and engaging video.  It's well worth watching the whole thing, but if you don't have time and you want to cut to the chase, the main message starts at 9 minutes 50 seconds.

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