Is The Rising Gold Price A Cure For Obesity?

Is The Rising Gold Price A Cure For Obesity?
Galapagos by Julian Cohen. Why?

As the gold price continues to rise amid economic weakness and Middle Eastern unrest, see how Dubai is using gold to solve its obesity problem

Gold Is Not Just A Safe Haven For Your SIPP In Times Of Uncertainty, It's Used In Some Rather Bizarre Ways

The Importance Of Gold

Gold has just been recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a standard asset for SIPPs, arguably recognising its importance as a crucial hedge to any pension portfolio.  Discover why you should consider holding Gold in your SIPP by clicking the button below.

Gold For Your SIPP

Dubai Children Are Literally Worth Their Weight In Gold

In Dubai, all that glitters is often pure gold.  But who’d have thought gold would become a weight loss incentive for children as young as two years old?

The Emirate’s growing obesity problem is illustrated by Dubai’s rise to sixth place for the world’s heaviest people.  In a bid to encourage the young to eat a more healthy diet, Dubai families can register for a program named “Your Child Is Gold”.  It offers 1 gram of free gold for every kilogram of weight lost. The Emirate is offering a special incentive of two grams per kilo if the participating family has children between the ages of 2 and 14.

Participants must register at one of several weigh-in sites so that health experts can measure their progress by the final weigh-in on 15 September.

Within the first day, 9,200 had enrolled. But this isn’t the first time Dubai has offered gold for weight loss. Last year, it paid a total of £762,340 in gold, so it’s not surprising that so far, three times the number of entrants have entered this year.

Whilst Dubai’s ruling body recognises its people’s affinity for gold has the ability to deliver a health benefit, it’s doubtful that such a weird and wonderful scheme would work in the UK.  We’re familiar with ‘cash for gold’, but ‘fat for gold’ is probably a step too far.

A Gold Tax Avoidance Scheme That’s Not Worth Stomaching

Gold has always been part of the DNA of people from India. It’s not uncommon for them to go to extreme lengths to protect their wealth.  But one chap took this far too far.

After complaining of severe stomach pains, an un-named 63-year old Indian man visited his local hospital to investigate the cause. Surgeons were stunned upon opening his stomach to find twelve 1oz gold bars. Apparently, he told hospital staff he’d accidentally swallowed a plastic bottle cap, to hide the real source of his discomfort. His motivation had been to smuggle the bars into India to avoid import duty. Unfortunately for him, doctors handed the gold to the police.

SIPP Gold Is Tax Free

Luckily, you don’t have to go to such lengths as that Indian man.  Gold held in your SIPP is tax free.

You can learn all about SIPP gold, and how your SIPP can benefit from holding it, on the Gold page in our Members Area.

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