Assetz Capital: Secured Peer-To-Peer Lending

Assetz Capital

Assetz Capital - Secured Peer-To-Peer Lending

Assetz Capital cuts out the banks, connecting investors directly to borrowers.  In order to protect investors, Assetz Capital takes asset security on every loan.  Borrowers are vetted thoroughly by experienced lending professionals.

  • No lender fees
  • Manage your level of risk
  • Asset security on every loan
  • Sell your loan parts on the Aftermarket for liquidity
  • Diversify your investment across multiple loans

Visit the Assetz Capital website for full details.

Dr Tony Robinson explains how he arrived at peer-to-peer lending with Assetz Capital using a full SIPP.

Assetz Capital

Alan Gration

SIPPclub Member
Assetz Lender
Private & SIPP

"I believe peer-to-peer to be a great way to achieve substantial returns which, through diversification and careful consideration of the security on offer, can be obtained with a very acceptable level of risk.

I made my first peer-to-peer loan privately through Assetz in May 2013 after thoroughly investigating their organisation and structure, including exchanging emails with their trustees, Grant Thornton. The main down-side was the inability to shelter interest from tax, so when I heard that SIPPclub was considering introducing peer-to-peer lending, I was very keen that this should include Assetz.

I like the Assetz platform: the interface is clear and works as you'd expect (not something that is universally true); participating in new loans is simple with easy access to relevant documentation; delays between the end of the offer period and draw-down when interest starts to be earned are acceptable and can be eliminated completely by buying loan units on the Aftermarket, and an Auto-Invest feature can be set up to automatically invest interest and repayments received in pre-identified Aftermarket loans to boost compounding. All loans to date that I have seen on Assetz are fixed rate, i.e. no bidding, and they have all been under-written to ensure that they are taken.

I am now investing on Assetz through my SIPP and started earning interest very quickly by buying loan units on the Aftermarket. My loans pay between 9.75 and 10 per cent over periods from 12 to 36 months with average loan to value of less than 70 per cent."

SIPP And SSAS Lending On Assetz Capital

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Crowdfunding And Peer-To-Peer Risk Warning

When a platform has been assessed and approved by a SIPP or SSAS operator, this does not imply that any loan or investment opportunity is endorsed in any way. A SIPP or SSAS operator's due diligence review is limited to ensuring the processes and procedures of the platform are in line with both FCA and HMRC principles.  It's entirely your responsibility for carrying out your own due diligence on any loan or investment opportunity before agreeing to lend or invest your pension money on a platform. As a SIPP or SSAS operator will continually review platforms from a regulatory perspective, it's possible for a platform to become 'unapproved' if something changes.

With peer-to-peer lending, your capital is at risk if you lend to individuals and businesses.  You may lose some or all of the capital lent if the borrower defaults and is unable to meet its liabilities. Historic loan default rates are not necessarily indicative of future default rates.  In addition, lending is an illiquid investment, which means you may not be able to access the capital you lend for the duration of the loan period, even if the platform offers a secondary market.  Investing in any business involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Crowdfunding is generally targeted at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the risks and make their own investment decisions, based on their knowledge, experience and financial capacity. Neither crowdfunding nor peer-to-peer lending is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The tax treatment of your investment is dependent on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. If you are unsure about the suitability of crowdfunding investment or peer-to-peer lending, you should consult a suitably qualified independent financial adviser.


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