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If You Want To Make More Money In Your SIPP Or SSAS, You’re In The Right Place!

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You must learn about the whole range of investment options open to you to make more money.

Whilst the stockmarket offers many benefits, there are four massive areas outside of it that provide some really high earning opportunities, often at lower risk:

  • INVEST: Earn 10 per cent or more by putting your pension money into ready-made 'hands off' packaged investments, backed by the security of property.
  • LEND: 'Be the bank' and lend your pension fund to individuals and businesses, earning tax free interest of 10 per cent or more for your pension.
  • BUSINESS: Transfer money from your pension into your business to fund your business growth, and in return, receive tax free payments from your business to boost your pension.
  • PROPERTY: Use your pension fund to buy commercial property either for your business or for investment, to generate both tax free rental income and tax free property growth for your pension.

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Providing they meet our exacting standards, we maintain an exclusive panel of the UK's leading specialists and investment product providers in every one of the above areas, and more areas besides.

Our service is free because we're paid by some of the specialists and product providers we include on our panel.  Whether we include them or not is never influenced by whether we're paid. We have a simple philosophy. If we feel they add value to our members, we include them.

SIPPclub’s mission is to help improve your knowledge, maximise the value of your investments and ultimately have you regard SIPPclub as a trusted financial friend.

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What Other People Say About SIPPclub

"I was put in touch with Brian at SIPPclub around six months ago and have called upon his outstanding knowledge on financial services on a number of occasions in this time on an informal basis.  Brian has always been remarkably helpful and his guidance amongst other attributes has resulted in me encouraging my pension provider to waive thousands of pounds in transfer charges, for which I am very grateful. My experience is very much that Brian is happy to give of himself for others benefit which is to be applauded and I would highly recommend engaging with Brian."
Colin Phelan, SIPPclub Member

"I was looking for a SIPP provider that could help me with my ex-company pension transfer.  I came across SIPPclub over the internet. I met Brian and he was very knowledgeable about the industry and the options available to me. I chose SIPPclub because of the confidence and honest opinions I received. I highly recommend Brian from SIPPclub."
Wilbur Pires, SIPPclub Member

  • “We have been able to gain consistent above market returns on our pension fund.”
    Simon Gillate, SIPPclub Member
  • “I realised I could invest in property projects, and earn at least double the returns I was getting.”
    Carol McEvoy, SIPP Lender and Borrower
  • “It’s very satisfying when we receive our monthly SIPP statement and see real, sustained growth of our pension fund.”
    David Baxter, Property Professional
  • “SIPP money has enabled us to grow internationally.”
    Tribos Coatings
  • “To date we have raised over £400,000 of finance from SIPPs, which has been a key driver in the rapid growth of the company."
    Wifinity Limited

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You’ll find his approach to making money is effective.  He’s developed it over many years, and it’s enabled him to help many people enjoy financial independence in their retirement.

More specifically, he uses the perfect blend of data driven information (investment analysis, academic research and case studies) and knowledge from a wide range of experts to help more people make the best use of their money.

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