5 Of The Most Popular Articles Of 2017

5 Of The Most Popular Articles Of 2017
Underwater by Andy Deitsch Why?

The count is in.  These were the most actioned articles of 2017, enabling SIPPclub Members to profit from high earning investments, flexible SIPP and SSAS, and peer-to-peer lending.

The Most Popular Investment Chosen By SIPPclub Members

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The most popular investment of 2017 chosen by SIPPclub Members attracted many millions of pounds of cash, SIPP, SSAS and company money.  It’s no surprise, considering it pays a market-leading interest rate of up to 12 per cent per year over a five year period, backed with first charge security on property.  SIPPclub has monitored its successful track record for many years.  Early in 2018, we’ll be carrying out another due diligence inspection visit to keep up to date with its progress.  It's still open for investment.  Read More »

Did You Make 504% In Each Of The Last 7 Years?

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2017 saw much press about Bitcoin.  We’ve reported on Bitcoin for some years, and following our latest piece in September, some SIPPclub Members took advantage of exposure to Bitcoin through a Crypto-Currency CopyFund.  Despite wild volatility, they saw their money more than treble in the last three months of the year.  Now hedge funds are investing heavily, many predict continued growth, while others believe it’s a bubble waiting to burst.  If you like rollercoasters,
this might be for you.  Read More »

Crowdfunding And Peer-To-Peer For SIPP And SSAS

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Following changes imposed on SIPP operators by the Financial Conduct Authority in the second half of 2016, there was hardly any SIPP money lent on peer-to-peer platforms during 2017.  That changed towards the end of the year as a long-standing, well respected SIPP and SSAS operator entered the market, allowing access to a range of peer-to-peer platforms.  A number of SIPPclub Members are now lending their SIPP money with this provider, and others are in the process of applying.  Read More »

Why A Final Salary Transfer Could Be Best Now

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Many SIPPclub Members took advantage of some incredibly high transfer values to collectively move tens of millions of pounds from final salary, defined benefit schemes to pensions in their own name.  Many reasons were cited, including concerns about large deficits within some schemes, the ability to profit from pension freedoms, and potentially better benefits for those with ill health or reduced life expectancy.  As transfer values remain high, this pattern should continue into 2018.  Read More »

Quick: £100 Bonus From RateSetter

Profit from your SIPP

RateSetter is the third largest peer-to-peer platform in the UK, having lent more than £2.2 billion.  It remains the only top three platform whose processes meet HMRC pension legislation, enabling investors to earn their interest tax-free via a SIPP or SSAS.  Many SIPPclub Members profited from its £100 bonus offer, which remains open for a limited time.  If you haven’t yet opened an account, it’s well worth checking out.  Read More »

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